Jewelry for This Summer!

It’s already May, and you know what that means…summer is coming! Being bold is in this season, and what better way to go bold than with your jewelry. Put away the thin gold bracelets and silver necklaces, and opt for a big, bright piece of jewelry that makes a statement!

An example of a style that would look great for this upcoming season are big beads, whether it’s a necklace, a bracelet, or earrings. They’re tropical and bright, and give your outfit an instant touch of summer. Echomerx has two necklaces of this style, and I personally love them both. One’s brown and one’s green, and I especially love that they come in earth tones. This way, they can be an attention-getter without being obnoxious. Not to mention, many fashion trends this year revolve around earth tones, because being green is the new thing!

2 Strand Green Blue Wood Beads Necklace

And here’s the brown one!

3 Strand Wood Beads Necklace Brown

These necklaces are both very versatile; to prove my point, I’ve chosen a bunch of outfits that these necklaces could compliment! You don’t have to have the exact same items as the ones in my pictures. They just serve as a guideline for what items you can pick out of your own closet.

A flowy shirt that's tan, brown, beige, or any similar color would complement the brown necklace nicely.

Stripes are also a fun pattern to wear with these necklaces. This shirt is white and dark green stripes, and could be paired with either the green or brown necklace.

Any white cotton shirt paired with the beads would make for a great summer look! This shirt has brown embroidering, but any color is fine as long as it's delicate and not chunky.

Another trend that's in this season is back detailing. This shirt is dark green and would also look great with both necklaces. The look is elegant and girly.

You can layer a cardigan over a white wifebeater for a casual look too. This cardian is dark teal, tan, and brown.

See how great it looks with the brown beads?

Here's another white flowy cotton top. The beads with this kind of top makes a perfect bohemian look.

Here's an upclose view!

Here's a cream-colored cotton dress with forest green borders. It's shown with the green necklace but the brown would complement the dress as well!

See how easy it is to find outfits to pair with these beads? Have fun!

The one article of clothing that I wear the most are wifebeaters. Black and white wifebeaters are very versatile items to wear when you’re going casual. Pair it with blue, gray, or white jeans for a simple and classic look – a look that creates a perfect canvas for fancy or expressive jewelry. You can also opt for wifebeaters in other colors as well. Forever 21 and Target both sell them in a rainbow of colors, and they’re great investments because they’re cheap, comfortable, flattering on almost all body types, and look great under jackets or alone! I’m currently working on collecting all the colors I can find.

Here's the black one.

My white one gets the most use.

You can also dress wifebeaters up with cardigans and button ups. And a simple piece of jewelry can also change your look from casual everyday to something really special! For example, here’s one of my¬†favorite necklaces from Echomerx paired with the black wifebeater.

By the way, the above picture definitely does not do the necklace justice. The green crystal flower is a bright green, and it catches your eye right away.

Summer is the best season to show off your cool jewelry! Being bundled up in jackets and scarves doesn’t give you much of a chance to show off your amazing new necklace, but dresses and tank tops do. So take advantage of the hot weather and don’t be afraid to accessorize this summer! Have fun and good luck.


Jewelry for formal and semi-formal occasions

As a girl, jewelry is a must, especially for formal or semi-formal occasions. It adds the extra oomph to that little black dress that nothing else can. Whether it’s earrings, necklaces, or bracelets, it’s important to know which jewelry pieces should be used for which occasions. But the possibilities are endless, and that’s what makes accessorizing with jewelry so fun!

Let’s take this purple floral necklace, which is absolutely beautiful. It’s enamel is hand painted, and it is decorated with Austrian crystals, glass beads, and lucite beads. (And I personally couldn’t believe that on, it’s only $16.90!)

Isn't it pretty?

Here's an upclose photo of the necklace

Purple is, in my opinion, the miracle color when it comes to jewelry because it goes really well with all skin types. It would look good on both someone with pale beige skin, or someone with a tanner complexion. Not only that, but purple also complements both black and white outfits. You can wear it with a dress in any mono-chromatic colors, or pink, purple, or brown.

Here’s the necklace with a purple and pink patterned dress. With a necklace like that, you won’t need earrings, or bracelets, or anything else fancy. The necklace speaks for itself and will make you the center of attention!

A classic outfit is the little black dress, because it never goes out of style. Almost any piece of jewelry will complement a little black dress. You can choose a colorful piece to make your outfit fun and diverse, or you can pick something that’s black, silver, or white to keep your outfit formal and professional.

Here’s the little black dress ensemble with¬†Ethnic Multicolor Beads Drop Necklace with matching earrings.

See how it brightens up the entire outfit?

Matching earrings!

Here’s another multicolored beaded necklace that is similar to the one in the picture, but shaped like a butterfly.

But if you’re not one who likes wearing bright, colorful pieces, mono-chromatic jewelry pieces also go great with the little black dress. (Plus the purple piece from above would also look great.)

This is one of my favorite pieces

Here’s what the black butterfly floral necklace above, shown with a white and black dress.

Excuse the blurriness!

Here are Echomerx’s full selection of jewelry!