Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – Jewelry Organizers

Last but not least of my Mother’s Day Gift Ideas posts will be about jewelry organizers. Most mothers I know have jewelry, and many of them have a lot of it…And has over 400 styles of jewelry stands and organizers that are both gorgeous and useful.

Butterfly Earrings Holder

This butterfly earring holder is perfect for studs, or any earrings that require a back.

Butterfly Mannequin Jewelry Stand Holder

Butterfly Mannequin Jewelry Stand Holder

Some people prefer earrings over bracelets, or necklaces over earrings.‘s mannequin jewelry stands are great for necklaces, since the structure is taller. That way, you can hang jewelry from the upper hooks and they won’t be dragging on the desk. The lower hooks, emerging from the mannequin’s shoulders, can be used for smaller necklaces, or even dangly earrings. The details on these mannequins are also extremely feminine and beautiful.

Here's a closer view of the decorations on the mannequin.

The mannequin itself is made of resin with a porcelain like finish and crystal accents, so that it’s smooth and glossy. The bottom of the stand is covered with felt, so you won’t have to worry about it scratching or damaging your hardwood dresser. Other than pink, this jewelry stand also comes in pearly white and dusky gold.

My personal favorite jewelry stand from, however, is actually a combination of the butterfly earring holder and the mannequin stand.

Butterfly Lady Jewelry Stand Doll Layered Gown

I love these because the details on these mannequins are simply exquisite, and they would make a gorgeous decorating piece all on its own. The fact that it also holds jewelry is like a bonus! Also, earrings are my personal favorite type of jewelry, and I’m always adding more to my collection. With the wings on this stand, I can fit many pairs of earrings, and also see them all clearly for easy selection. Plus they have so many great choices to choose from!

And last but not least, also carries ring organizers.

Bejeweled Ring Holder Shoe Victorian Butterfly

These are fairly self-explanatory. Beautiful, useful, and a safe place to keep your rings from getting scratched or damaged in any way.

And that concludes my Mother’s Day ideas posts! You still have two weeks before May 9th, plenty of time to place your orders and receive the gifts in time. If you want to ship directly to your mom, can also gift wrap gifts and include gift messages. But whether or not you buy a gift, just make sure that come May 9th, let your mom know that you love and appreciate her!


More Mother’s Day Gift Ideas!

In my last post about Mother’s Day trinket boxes, I totally forgot to include the Victorian Photo Frame Trinket Box.

Victorian Photo Frame Trinket Box Red

Obviously, this product doubles as both a trinket box, and a photo frame. Since it’s so small though, it’s more of a locket than a photo frame, in my opinion. Because of it’s small size, the cover is made of plastic, not glass. But the best part is, you can replace the picture inside with your own! You could print and cut out a picture of you and your mom and place it inside this trinket box to make it the perfect gift.

But, if you don’t think your mom will have any use for trinket boxes, Echomerx has many other Mother’s Day gift options! Some people may not know this, but they carry a selection of beautiful cashmere scarves. These scarves are made of high quality 100% cashmere, come in many gorgeous colors, and with its 28″ x 80″ dimensions, can also be used as shawls.

Pure Cashmere Shawl Water Color Botanical

Pure Cashmere Shawl Water Color Pink

See how beautiful, soft, and feminine they look? =) They also have many solid colored cashmere scarves, and the colors are so rich! My favorites are the forest green and teal blue, because I think the colors are just gorgeous. Both would look stunning over a white wife beater (or V-neck) and jeans, for a casual but classy look that you could wear to school or work.

Here’s a customer who reviewed the Purple Tie-Dye Cashmere Wrap from Amazon.

Even though the weather is starting to warm up, it’s a gift that she can still make use of during this hotter weather. Like the customer above stated, they’re very light, and therefore aren’t used as winter scarves. I personally love the look of a shawl draped around the neck, over a plain white or black tank top or shirt. It can add that extra oomph to a plain outfit, and can be worn casually, or formally.

Another item that your mom could get a lot of use out of is a great hairbrush!

Victorian Rose Hairbrush Bejeweled Purple

It sounds so plain, but this hairbrush is actually very pretty. These brushes are hand-painted and are decorated with crystals and lavender roses. Every woman needs a hairbrush, might as well make it a pretty one!

And for this post, my last suggestion for gifts are perfume bottles.

Butterfly Perfume Bottle Bejeweled Victorian Style

Hummingbird Perfume Bottle Bejeweled

These are fairly self-explanatory: beautiful perfume bottles for your mom to hold her perfume. There are many websites online with instructions on how to make your own perfume, with different recipes for different desired scents. This could be a fun activity for you and your mom to do together, and the best part is, you’ll have a gorgeous perfume bottle to hold your creation!

Butterfly Perfume Bottle Bejeweled Vintage Style

For someone clumsy, like me, I’m always dropping things in the bathroom. I’ve dropped perfume bottles more than once, and when they break, I have nothing to hold my perfume in. I usually have to use some kind of plastic medicine bottle that I’ve cleaned out, and apply the perfume with a q-tip. But let’s be honest, that’s really kind of lame. So these perfume bottles would be perfect for people like me!

Another great Mother’s Day gift is a picture frame. In fact, I bought one from Echomerx and put in a photo of my own, and am going to ship it to my mom! It’s the fish photo frame.  She hasn’t received it in the mail yet, but I thought it looked gorgeous!

The picture is of me and my two little sisters, Erin and Arwyn!

The details of the frame were just made of such high quality. The frame had a nice, heavy feel to it, not like anything was made of cheap plastic or something. I’m sure my mom will love it!

Next and last Mother’s Day Gift Ideas post will be about jewelry organizers!