’s Black Friday SALE! (at least 50% off)

Our biggest sale of the year is right here, right now! ‘s Black Friday SALE for this year starts from Thanksgiving day till Cyber Monday (Dec 1, 2014).  We will cut prices for some popular items 50% – 70% off!!
To make your shopping easier, we have listed 4 popular items for you (there will be many more when sale starts) :

1. Bridal Shoe Ring Holder Display Elegant White Rose, 3.75″ x 3.5″

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Ever imagined yourself being Cinderella? Let this elegant bridal shoe ring holder to build it! Display your wedding band or ring in style. This elegant bridal shoe ring holder is made of poly-resin with rosettes, crochet, rhinestones and ribbon detailing. Measurement: 3-3/4″L x 1-1/4″W x 3-1/2″H. It comes in a gift box.

2. Lotus Pond Metal Jewelry Stand and Wood Box – Inspired by Nature Black

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Combines the classic jewelry box with a unique jewelry tree stand. Comes equipped with ring cushions and a drawer. Eye-catching display on any dresser. Easy assembly. Arrange the lotus leaves anyway you’d like. Just twist each stem into jewelry box clockwise. Lotus leaves twist onto straight stems only.
  • Easy assembly. Arrange the lotus leaves anyway you’d like. Just twist each stem into jewelry box clockwise. Lotus leaves twist onto straight stems only.
  • Functional and decorative
  • Conveniently Packaged in a compact gift box good for gift giving. Jewelry not included.
  • 9-3/4″L x 4-7/8″W x 8-1/2″H
  • Made of metal and wood.

3. Cut Out Metal Owl Tree Jewelry Stand Earrings Holder Black Silhouette

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This is way too cute! >_<  A jewelry tree stand with two little owls and stars and moon. This owl jewelry stand also has plenty of places to hang your necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and more. Beautiful accent to any dresser or table.   This is our exclusive design 🙂

  • 6.5″L x 4.5″W x 10″H
  • Organize and display jewelry in style.
  • Jewelry not included. Comes in an attractive JewelryNanny gift box as shown.
  • Made of metal. Functional and decorative
  • Our exclusive design.

4. Metal Wire Wine Bottle Stopper Jewelry Holder Black DIY Kit

31RQNQu9TrL 316yephGoIL._SY450_ 318iPImJsxL

Who doesn’t love wine? Wanna make your table stand out when hosting a party at home? This wire kit includes a metal top wire (10 arms), a screw (one piece), and a new wine bottle cork. No tools needed! (amazing huh?) Simply push cork into bottle then push wire in already-made hole in cork. Kit fits in most wine bottle, beer bottle, oil bottle or other glass bottles. After assembly you can dress up your bottle in any way you like and hang all your favorite jewelry pieces! Sharp object. Not intended for children.
  • 8.25″L x 8.25″W x 8″H. Wine bottle not included.
  • This wire kit includes a metal top wire (10 arms), a screw (one piece), and a new wine bottle cork. No tools needed.
  • Simply push cork into bottle then push wire in already-made hole in cork. Kit fits in most wine bottle, beer bottle, oil bottle or other glass bottles.
  • After assembly you can dress up your bottle in any way you like and hang all your favorite jewelry pieces!
  • Comes in a white box.
What you waiting for? Go to and start to add items into your shopping cart before they are gone! 🙂


Magic Scarf – more than 6 ways to wear it! (20+ colors available)

Looking for something to wear all year long? Wanna stand out from a party? Here comes our best-seller Magic Scarves. Why magic? Because you can wear it in more than 6 ways! And we offer more than 20 colors for you to choose! Now let us help you to know how to wear it step by step.

Style 1: Halter

1Are you still thinking that Halter is only for summer? Out! Halter is also good for any night events if you want to show off your sexy back and arms 🙂 It only requires four steps and less than 2 minutes to transfer a normal scarf into a sexy halter! 1) Fold your Magic Scarf in half 2) Button up both sides of the scarf 3) Let your neck go through it and put it on like a halter top that shows in the picture, remember to tie them up at your back 4) Since the button will be at the center of your chest, you have the options to either button it higher or unbutton it down to show more ~~Woohoo

Style 2: Crisscross

2If you want to make your halter looks more interesting, then you should try crisscross! It’s very simple: follow steps from Halter, the only thing is different is before you put your head through the scarf, you do a half twist at the opening (where your head goes). And ding-ding! A crisscross top is on you!


Style 3: Long Sleeve Shrug

3Looking for a shrug to cover yourself up for a high-end party? This Long Sleeve Shrug is our easiest looking among the six. Just two simple steps: 1) You wanna fold the lengthwise and button up to make the sleeves 2) Put your arms through the sleeves. That’s it!!

Style 4: Vest

5Also inspired by halter looking, the vest looking is just one step different. 1) We fold the scarf in half 2) Instead button it on both sides, we only button it on one side 3) Let your head go through it and then put both your arms through the opening

Style 5: Poncho

6What is the most popular looking this season? Definitely Poncho! No matter you prefer a classic looking poncho or more fashionable side opening poncho, all you need to do is get this magic scarf and follow the next 3 steps: 1) Fold the scarf in half 2) Button one side of it only 3) After put your head in, you can either button all the way down, or you can button it side-way just as the last picture at the right.


Style 6: Button Scarf

8Since we are talking about scarf, the final looking we are suggesting is the regular button scarf one. Two steps: 1) Fold your scarf in lengthwise 2) Make sure to button all buttons, then Finished! Now you can wear it just like a regular scarf.


Now we have taught you 6 ways to wear this Magic Scarf, but we are sure that as creative as you, you can come up more ways to create your own look with it! Buy from here:


Gift Giving Ideas from – Part II: Costmetic Storage

Last week, we brought you our most popular ideas for ring holders from, and presented them to you as gift ideas!  It seems the idea has caught on!  But we all know that the place a lady really needs help in as far as organizing is in the bathroom!  This holiday season take the stress out of your holiday shopping through knowing that you gave her something she’ll love and that she really needs!  What make a holiday brighter for a gift giver?

aqm33077-hp-3_g_53448a7585e85Lets start with a fun one!  Our Bella Rosa Corset Brush Holder in Pink has been a hot item since we first got them!  This flowered creation can hold your makeup brushes and look adorable all at the same time!  She’ll never have to search around the counter amongst her scattered belongings to find the right brush!  Just one part of the Bella Rosa collection!


abc33063-bl-_g_51c0e7545b8eaAnd now for our most popular cosmetic storage container:  With the rebirth of the Pinup look in all it’s Rockabilly glory, train cases have come back into style with a vengeance!  Personally, we at don’t see why they ever left…  I mean, their practical and cute!  Perfect for both at home and on the go!  Our Vintage Allure Train Case In Turquoise is an item we can barely keep on the shelves these days!  Great color, lots of space, great look, and so stylish everyone will take notice!  Also available in luscious purple, fun loving coral, multi use beige, sexy burgundy, and of course, basic black!


fyd28029-pp_g_537b9474dc05cPerhaps she’s just a basics kind of girl, and only has a little space to work in when creating her daily look.  No problem!  Our Summer 7 Piece Cosmetic Brush Set with Case In Purple comes with everything she needs, and can be rolled up afterwards until she needs it again.  Perfect as a travel case, or for small space living!  Also available in Pink, and Coral, this handy and fun case features a delightful paisley pattern, and individual slots for each brush.  Comes with an eye liner brush, a shadow brush, a couture brush, a highlight brush, an eyebrow brush/eyelash comb, a blush brush, and a powder brush.  The perfect basics for your daily needs!

That’s just a few of the fund ways we can lend a hand towards finding her the perfect style of cosmetic storage to fit her needs and personality!  Other types we can offer are Platform Shoe Cosmetic Brush Holders, as well as Boot Style (both  being perfect for the shoe lover on everyone’s list), Handbag and basic stand styles, and even some Victorian styles for the ultimate romantic on your list!  There’s literally something for everyone in this section alone!

jwny-freeshipping(Retouched)-1There’s also still come time left on our Free Shipping for purchases $30+ coupon!  From now until the 17th, you can take advantage of this offer using the coupon code:  freeship  Get your holiday shopping done early and know that everything you want is still here!


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Gift Giving Ideas from – Part I: Ring Holders

Ahhh the holidays.  Time for family, get togethers, apple cider, gift giving…  Oh yes, gift giving…  Everyone wants to find that perfect gift for everyone that the person will love, & not have any fear of the thought of it being returned, or exchanged.  We max out our credit cards every year in attempts to meet this goal and all in time for that one special day…  Let’s face it, it’s enough to make anyone break out in a cold sweat…

Here and however, we never fear the holidays, because we know we’ve got everything we need for all those picky people on your ever lengthening holiday lists, and at the best prices that can be found as well as free shipping on purchases of $30 or more!  Sound like something you can get into?  Well, we know that talk is only that, so we’d like to delicate this blog entry to one of our favorite categories of our website:  our ring holders, and show you a few examples of the super cute items we have ready to to wow that special someone on your list!

619xFBxEbbL._SL1200_Our most popular type of fancy ring holders is out stiletto shoes.  After all, whats a gal without a love of cute shoes?!  This example of our Sleek and Shiny Collection Heeled Ring Holder in Pink is an adorable example of our most asked about and sought after style.  It can carry up to 7 rings and makes for a cute display on your dresser or nightstand!  It’s dimensions are only approximately 4.75″ x 4.5″ so it does not take too much room, or overwhelm anything else you may have on that surface and it keeps all your rings right there for you any time you need them!  What could be better?!  This is of course only one example of the types we have.  There are so many to chose from in so many different styles from Victorian, to peep toe pump, to ballet flats, to pointy toe pumps, to ones embellished with butterflies, and even toe shoes for that lover of ballet in your life!

51nkSFVCB8LIn every woman, there is at least a little bit of diva, and the way to a diva’s heart:  Luxury!  Our Cheetah Print Chair Ring Holder in Brown is just one of several designs of chez lounge ring holders that will compliment the diva in any woman with a touch of wold side, and hand to hold your rings as well!  Holds up to 8 rings, and it’s compact dimensions (7″L x 2.63″W x 3.88″H) will not take up too much room or take away from any other decor you have on your dresser or night stand.  Other styles include Satin linings, vintage styles, and sequined designs that will melt the heart of the fussiest diva on your list!

jgs22878bk_g_5336031be36e5Another great love of most women:  Bags!  Handbags, slouchy bags, beach bags, tote bags, shoulder bags, any bags as long as they’re cute!  So, take this universal love of bags, make it cute of course, and then top it off with it being designed to hold your rings and small jewelry on your dresser or nightstand, and you’ve got a winner!  Now, don’t misunderstand, this is not a bag to carry around.  Rather, these designs like our Retro Plaid Handbag Ring Holder in Black is just a little holder with a unique design to hold up to 6 rings at a time on the top.  Lift the top and you have a space inside to hold small jewelry, and trinkets!  Now again, this item is just one of many styles of handbag ring holders we carry including polka dots, lace, vintage looks, and chiffon, but this particular style is running out of stock and not coming back once it’s gone, we figured we’d feature it and give you all a fair shot at it’s cuteness before it’s gone!


jwny-freeshipping(Retouched)-1Did we mention free shipping?  Oh yes!  All purchases $30 or more earn free shipping with the coupon code: freeship until November 16th 2014!  Get an early start and be rewarded!

There you have it!  Just the beginning of a series of great ideas for even the most discerning on your holiday list!  Leave the work to us, and enjoy your holiday this year for a change!  Got questions?  Feel free to leave us a comment, or get in touch with us through the website!  We love talking about our products!


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So Many Ways To Wear Bucket Hats!

Our new Bucket Hats and Fisherman’s Bucket Hats have been creating quite a buzz since we introduced them last month, and we recently got some cute photos in from a customer who loves her’s so much she wanted us to see how many ways she wears them!

IMG_3050This one is our Fisherman’s Bucket Hat with Pink Roses, and our friend has proven it can pretty much stand alone to spice up any every day outfit!  Made of thick canvas material, it can keep your head warm, spruce up an otherwise blah outfit, and even cover an unfortunate hair incident if need be!  All while being a stand out urban look!

IMG_3065If your more into lighter colors and a springier look, our Floral Bucket Hat Elegant Roses Blue and Pink might be a better idea!  Keep colors bright this whole fall, and winter season and look adorable doing it!

IMG_3076Finally, our favorite little model also loved the Fisherman’s Bucket Hat in Camo and decided to show us her urban tough side!  This is a great casual look meant for a perfect balance of comfort, and style.  Of course all these hats can also take the beating of actually being outdoors if that’s where you want to take them, so don’t be afraid to get in touch with your tougher side!


And there they are, and you know you wan them!  Other flowered looks are available at!  If you have any questions, leave us a comment below!  We love answering questions about our products!  Special thanks to Allie for sending us these pictures!  We’re so glad you like your hats!

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A Hot New Trend Hits!

Warning:  This post is only for the exceptionally fashionable, the daring, the unique, and the fun people.  A hot new trend has hit, and we’re so excited for you all to check it out:

IMG_8502Tah-dah!  Magazine Clutches!  This trend is all the rage right now in Hollywood, and we’re so proud to be one of the few companies carrying this super cute new idea!  Take some of the best covers from some of the best fashion magazines you can think of and out comes this amazingly cute idea!  They are made of Polyurethane, and are thus very sturdy, they are lined in satin and have ample space for everything you’ll need for your night out, with the bonus of having a small pocket inside to keep your small loose items separate, AND they are so unique you are bound to spend at least half the night answering the question “Where did you get that bag?!”.  Who doesn’t like to the the trend setter for the night?!  Four different magazine covers are currently available including M, Luxuries, In Fashion, and Stylish!  All of them a pop of color, and fastened securely with a faux buckle snap closure!


As you can see, these bags are eye poppers used any way you like, so don’t be afraid to strut it like you mean it ladies!  This look with a favorite lace black cocktail dress ( and popping shoes ( along with our Stylish Magazine Clutch is a sure fire show stopper for any night out!  This look is not for the faint of heart.  Can you handle it?!


Feel free to let us know if you have any questions on these or any other of our fabulous items on!  Leave us a comment here, or come to our website and chat with us!  We love talking about our products!


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