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Jewelry for This Summer!

It’s already May, and you know what that means…summer is coming! Being bold is in this season, and what better way to go bold than with your jewelry. Put away the thin gold bracelets and silver necklaces, and opt for a big, bright piece of jewelry that makes a statement! An example of a style [...]


Jewelry Tips: Business Chic

The workplace is a place for professionalism; but that doesn’t mean you can’t look cute! If you dress semi-formally for work, adding a nice piece of jewelry is the perfect way to make your outfit softer and more feminine. In my opinion, a classic work appropriate article of clothing is the white button up, whether [...]


Jewelry for formal and semi-formal occasions

As a girl, jewelry is a must, especially for formal or semi-formal occasions. It adds the extra oomph to that little black dress that nothing else can. Whether it’s earrings, necklaces, or bracelets, it’s important to know which jewelry pieces should be used for which occasions. But the possibilities are endless, and that’s what makes [...]


Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – Jewelry Organizers

Last but not least of my Mother’s Day Gift Ideas posts will be about jewelry organizers. Most mothers I know have jewelry, and many of them have a lot of it…And JewelryNanny.com has over 400 styles of jewelry stands and organizers that are both gorgeous and useful. This butterfly earring holder is perfect for studs, [...]


Recipe for home made jewelry cleaning solution

Another How-to article on how to make your own eco-friendly cleaning solution. After I read so many DIY solutions and jewelry cleaning recipes, I can see these are the basic secrets: baking soda, some salt, aluminum foil and water. That baking soda can degrease and shine metalware is no secret. A lot of the recipes [...]