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Global Warming’s Impact on India’s Assam Tea

Wasbir Hussain, Associated Press just published an inside-article on how India’s Assam tea is affected this year by global warming. The impact is two-fold: First on the tea yield, and the second on the flavor. NASA, quoted in this article, reported earlier this month that the January-November 2010 period was the warmest globally in the 131-year [...]


Green work #5: Reuse Costco produce tray to organize warehouse

Over the years, I have asked a few business owners how much they usually spend on storing racks and bins for their warehouses. As I expected, the costs ranged from a few hundred bucks to thousands!  If you aren’t quite ready to spend this much money and time,  you can get your racks and bins set up in just [...]


Self-Made Peanut Bag for Packing

Peanuts or sometimes popcorn are referring to as a loose-fill packing materials and is usually made of expanded polystyrene foam. At the receiving end of some company, these peanuts are recycled and put back to good use. At Echomerx, We recycle peanuts of all grade and has come up a way to pack the peanuts using recycled or recovered anti-static bag commonly found here in Silicon Valley, so the peanuts can be re-used more easily.


DIY external hard drive on Earth Day

Many of us knows well about upgrading to a new laptop. But fewer know that the hard drive on your old laptop can be used as a USB 2.0 external drive with the help of a hard enclosure.


Green Works #3 Dollhouse In a Shoebox

DIY dollhouse in a shoe box. Made 100% from recycled material including newspaper, magazine and used fabric.