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Self-Made Peanut Bag for Packing

Peanuts or sometimes popcorn are referring to as a loose-fill packing materials and is usually made of expanded polystyrene foam. At the receiving end of some company, these peanuts are recycled and put back to good use. At Echomerx, We recycle peanuts of all grade and has come up a way to pack the peanuts using recycled or recovered anti-static bag commonly found here in Silicon Valley, so the peanuts can be re-used more easily.


DIY Eco-Friendly Gift Wrap

Do it yourself Eco-Friendly Gift wrapping ideas of using scrap gift wrapping paper. This “wrapping” season, let’s try something creative AND eco-friendly, using fragments of paper and miscellaneous items from around your house. Save money, save earth and enjoy the work of art. Specific techniques involves ribbon joining and paper joining.