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Shopping for Mannequin Jewelry Stands

A shorter top wire may have more value.

Both mannequins are 15"H, but black one is the winner.

Echomerx offers an extremely wide variety of jewelry stands. But not only do these stands come in many different styles, outfits, and colors, they also come with different types of metal arms – the racks that will actually be holding your jewelry. Mannequin jewelry stands serve as both a method of decoration, with its fancy dresses and bright colors, as well as an organizer. So when shopping around for a doll jewelry stand, make sure you pay as much attention to the practicality of the piece, as well as its aesthetic appeal.

“The bigger, the better” is a rule that does not necessarily apply to jewelry stands. For example, the blue dress mannequin may be slightly taller than the one in the black gown, but this does not give it a higher value. If you look closely at both, you’ll see that the blue one is in fact taller than the black, but the actuall mannequin itself is much smaller! The body and dress of the black gown mannequin is larger than the blue, and the only reason it is shorter is because a lot of the blue mannequin’s height comes from a taller metal rack at the top.

Which brings up another point: is a taller wire rack more practical for hanging jewelry? Not in this case. Though the metal rack on the black gown mannequin is only half the height of the blue’s, it has the capacity to hold a higher number of items! A closer look at the shorter rack will reveal that it may be smaller, but there’s 5 metal loops on each of its six arms, meaning thirty total spaces for you to hang your earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc. The blue mannequin’s metal rack, on the other hand? Two loops on each of its five arms for a total of ten spaces. A third type of metal rack is even taller, and yet, only has five loops for you to hang your jewelry!

So be wise when shopping around for your mannequin jewelry stands! Of course it’s fun to look at the bedazzling gowns and colorful dresses that the mannequins wear, but don’t ignore the metal arms that extend from the mannequin. If you only have a few necklaces or earrings you want to display, maybe a mannequin jewelry stand with fewer loops is enough for you. But if you have a lot of jewelry lying around and are looking for a fun and creative piece to display them all, make sure you’re not selling yourself short by buying a jewelry stand that only has space for ten, maybe fifteen pieces.



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