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Aromatherapy Stuffed Animals

The first product I ever purchased from EchoMerx was the Aromatherapy Panda…And I absolutely LOVE this panda! If you’ve never heard of EchoMerx’s Aromatherapy stuffed animal, it’s basically a stuffed animal, a hot pad, and a cold pack, all in one. I own the penguin too, and they’re so adorable!

The inside of the stuffed animal is filled with flaxseed and a custom blend of 9 different herbs. I can stick my panda in the microwave for about 2 minutes, and when I take her out, she stays nice and warm for at least 3 hours. Unlike many heating pads I’ve used, the Aromatherapy stuffed animal doesn’t emit a strange smell. Instead, it smells like a comforting, earthy blend of lavender and other types of herbs. If I want to use her as a cold pack, I simply put her in a clean plastic bag, and stick her in the freezer for a few hours or in the refrigerator overnight. When I’m not in need of either, I simply snuggle with the room temperature panda like a regular stuffed animal!

Her name is Mei :)

Her name is Mei!

And for people who are picky with their stuffed animals, EchoMerx’s selection is huge. They carry over 10 types of Aromatherapy stuffed teddy bears, ranging from colors like tan, brown, white, lavender, black, beige, and of course, the black and white panda bear. They carry many many other types of animals as well; everything from dolphins and turtles, to tigers and cows. (Click here to see their full selection)

These stuffed animals are great for many uses. I love using my panda during those bothersome time-of-the-months! For all the women who get those nasty cramps once a month, these stuffed animals are perfect for placing over ¬†your stomach while you nap, read, surf the web, watch tv, or any activity that involves sitting. They stay nice and warm and help get rid of those cramps quickly. You can also use it as a hot pad on muscle cramps. Similarly, you can use a cooled down stuffed animal to place over injuries to slow swelling or help numb the pain a little. My 5 year old sister also loves my panda, so much so that I’m considering buying her her own! She used to be scared to sleep alone at night, but when she can cuddle with a warm teddy bear, it’s the next best thing to her mom (or me) falling asleep with her. Most stuffed animals weigh a few ounces, but the Aromatherapy animals, with their herb stuffings, are much heavier. However, I personally like that my panda is slightly heavier. It makes it feel more real, as if I’m actually carrying an animal, instead of just a lightweight bundle of airy cotton.

Here is a customer review on the Aromatherapy panda:

From soothingz.com

For those who already own one of these stuffed animals, or are planning to purchase one, I must warn you to be careful when microwaving them! I made a mistake microwaving mine, and because of that, my poor panda now has a hole burnt through the top of her head. I was so sad…

Poor Mei...

This happened probably because my microwave is too small. When I put my panda in, she just barely fit, and there was no room for her to rotate. The top of her head ended up pressed against one of the pads on the inside of the microwave, and I’m guessing that’s what burned the hole. So if you do have one of these stuffed animals and want to warm it up in the microwave, make sure it fits and has enough room to rotate!

The next few posts will be all about Mother’s Day gift ideas. It’s that time of year again, to appreciate the most important woman you know!



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