Gift Giving Ideas from – Part I: Ring Holders

Ahhh the holidays.  Time for family, get togethers, apple cider, gift giving…  Oh yes, gift giving…  Everyone wants to find that perfect gift for everyone that the person will love, & not have any fear of the thought of it being returned, or exchanged.  We max out our credit cards every year in attempts to meet this goal and all in time for that one special day…  Let’s face it, it’s enough to make anyone break out in a cold sweat…

Here and however, we never fear the holidays, because we know we’ve got everything we need for all those picky people on your ever lengthening holiday lists, and at the best prices that can be found as well as free shipping on purchases of $30 or more!  Sound like something you can get into?  Well, we know that talk is only that, so we’d like to delicate this blog entry to one of our favorite categories of our website:  our ring holders, and show you a few examples of the super cute items we have ready to to wow that special someone on your list!

619xFBxEbbL._SL1200_Our most popular type of fancy ring holders is out stiletto shoes.  After all, whats a gal without a love of cute shoes?!  This example of our Sleek and Shiny Collection Heeled Ring Holder in Pink is an adorable example of our most asked about and sought after style.  It can carry up to 7 rings and makes for a cute display on your dresser or nightstand!  It’s dimensions are only approximately 4.75″ x 4.5″ so it does not take too much room, or overwhelm anything else you may have on that surface and it keeps all your rings right there for you any time you need them!  What could be better?!  This is of course only one example of the types we have.  There are so many to chose from in so many different styles from Victorian, to peep toe pump, to ballet flats, to pointy toe pumps, to ones embellished with butterflies, and even toe shoes for that lover of ballet in your life!

51nkSFVCB8LIn every woman, there is at least a little bit of diva, and the way to a diva’s heart:  Luxury!  Our Cheetah Print Chair Ring Holder in Brown is just one of several designs of chez lounge ring holders that will compliment the diva in any woman with a touch of wold side, and hand to hold your rings as well!  Holds up to 8 rings, and it’s compact dimensions (7″L x 2.63″W x 3.88″H) will not take up too much room or take away from any other decor you have on your dresser or night stand.  Other styles include Satin linings, vintage styles, and sequined designs that will melt the heart of the fussiest diva on your list!

jgs22878bk_g_5336031be36e5Another great love of most women:  Bags!  Handbags, slouchy bags, beach bags, tote bags, shoulder bags, any bags as long as they’re cute!  So, take this universal love of bags, make it cute of course, and then top it off with it being designed to hold your rings and small jewelry on your dresser or nightstand, and you’ve got a winner!  Now, don’t misunderstand, this is not a bag to carry around.  Rather, these designs like our Retro Plaid Handbag Ring Holder in Black is just a little holder with a unique design to hold up to 6 rings at a time on the top.  Lift the top and you have a space inside to hold small jewelry, and trinkets!  Now again, this item is just one of many styles of handbag ring holders we carry including polka dots, lace, vintage looks, and chiffon, but this particular style is running out of stock and not coming back once it’s gone, we figured we’d feature it and give you all a fair shot at it’s cuteness before it’s gone!


jwny-freeshipping(Retouched)-1Did we mention free shipping?  Oh yes!  All purchases $30 or more earn free shipping with the coupon code: freeship until November 16th 2014!  Get an early start and be rewarded!

There you have it!  Just the beginning of a series of great ideas for even the most discerning on your holiday list!  Leave the work to us, and enjoy your holiday this year for a change!  Got questions?  Feel free to leave us a comment, or get in touch with us through the website!  We love talking about our products!


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So Many Ways To Wear Bucket Hats!

Our new Bucket Hats and Fisherman’s Bucket Hats have been creating quite a buzz since we introduced them last month, and we recently got some cute photos in from a customer who loves her’s so much she wanted us to see how many ways she wears them!

IMG_3050This one is our Fisherman’s Bucket Hat with Pink Roses, and our friend has proven it can pretty much stand alone to spice up any every day outfit!  Made of thick canvas material, it can keep your head warm, spruce up an otherwise blah outfit, and even cover an unfortunate hair incident if need be!  All while being a stand out urban look!

IMG_3065If your more into lighter colors and a springier look, our Floral Bucket Hat Elegant Roses Blue and Pink might be a better idea!  Keep colors bright this whole fall, and winter season and look adorable doing it!

IMG_3076Finally, our favorite little model also loved the Fisherman’s Bucket Hat in Camo and decided to show us her urban tough side!  This is a great casual look meant for a perfect balance of comfort, and style.  Of course all these hats can also take the beating of actually being outdoors if that’s where you want to take them, so don’t be afraid to get in touch with your tougher side!


And there they are, and you know you wan them!  Other flowered looks are available at!  If you have any questions, leave us a comment below!  We love answering questions about our products!  Special thanks to Allie for sending us these pictures!  We’re so glad you like your hats!

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A Hot New Trend Hits!

Warning:  This post is only for the exceptionally fashionable, the daring, the unique, and the fun people.  A hot new trend has hit, and we’re so excited for you all to check it out:

IMG_8502Tah-dah!  Magazine Clutches!  This trend is all the rage right now in Hollywood, and we’re so proud to be one of the few companies carrying this super cute new idea!  Take some of the best covers from some of the best fashion magazines you can think of and out comes this amazingly cute idea!  They are made of Polyurethane, and are thus very sturdy, they are lined in satin and have ample space for everything you’ll need for your night out, with the bonus of having a small pocket inside to keep your small loose items separate, AND they are so unique you are bound to spend at least half the night answering the question “Where did you get that bag?!”.  Who doesn’t like to the the trend setter for the night?!  Four different magazine covers are currently available including M, Luxuries, In Fashion, and Stylish!  All of them a pop of color, and fastened securely with a faux buckle snap closure!


As you can see, these bags are eye poppers used any way you like, so don’t be afraid to strut it like you mean it ladies!  This look with a favorite lace black cocktail dress ( and popping shoes ( along with our Stylish Magazine Clutch is a sure fire show stopper for any night out!  This look is not for the faint of heart.  Can you handle it?!


Feel free to let us know if you have any questions on these or any other of our fabulous items on!  Leave us a comment here, or come to our website and chat with us!  We love talking about our products!


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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Did you know that as of 9/9/14, there have already been 252,400 cases of invasive breast cancer detected according to the American Cancer Society?  This is a scary statistic indeed.  It is something that has already effected most of us either directly or indirectly, and something we all need to be aware of and ready to fight against.  As October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we’d like to offer some ways for you to how to show off your pride in being one of the Warriors in Pink against this horrible disease:


17713xlp__23228.1410285708.500.500At the office:  Our Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Ribbon Card Holder Bejeweled, is always eye catching, and a great way to show your support.  Holds up to 30 standard sized cards at a time, and works well as a daily reminder of our fight against this disease!  Also available are our Pink Ribbon Lanyards, and Pull Reel Badge ID Holder Pink Ribbon, and Fight the Fight Pull Reel Badge Holder.  All great ways to acknowledge your support to everyone in your work place.


318D8vrvHML._SY450_In the home:  It is truly amazing how people can pull together in a time of crisis.  Especially family.  Bring the spirit of the fight into your home as a constant reminder of love and hope with our Pink Ribbon Angel Wind Chime.  Every time you hear it’s gentle ring, you can be reminded to sent positive thoughts and prayers to the people currently fighting the fight, and those who have fallen in the battle.  Also good for the home in this theme is our Small Pink Ribbon Trinket Box.  Both are excellent ways to bring positive reminders of the cause into your home.


41cBgwPoNRLOn your person:  This is our favorite way to support a cause.  Pin it to your coat, your blouse, your bag, or even your hat!  No matter how you chose to display it, our Pink Ribbon Pin Bejeweled is a brightly sparkling daily reminder of your participation in the fight!  Other Pink Ribbon jewelry available would be our Pink Ribbon Crystal Heart Stud Earrings, which of course work great with our Pink Ribbon Crystal Heart Necklace!  Also available, our Pink Ribbon Key Chain, our Pink Ribbon Bangle Bracelet Set, and our Key To Survival Pink Ribbon Necklace and Earrings.  Every one of them statement makers and daily reminders that together, we are survivors!


Got questions about our products?  Leave us a comment below!  Live well, and be healthy everyone from all of us at Echomerx!


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We’re Back, and We’ve got Halloween Fun For All!

Hello everyone!  First off, we’d like to apologize for our short absence from you all.  We’ve very busy moving our resellers website to a new platform, and getting ready for our incoming holiday items!  But we’re back now, and brimming with great ideas and energy!

One of our favorite holidays is around the corner:  Halloween is the autumns way of remind us not to take life so seriously.  Whether you dress up or not, you can always count on this holiday to be very infectious, and fun no matter how much or how little you celebrate it!  We’d like to offer up some of our favorite ideas to add to your Halloween/Harvest holiday cheer!  From jewelry, to ways to decorate your house and office, we’ve got so many great ideas!


This little cutie, is brand new to our collection and already one of our favorites!  Our Boo Kitty Halloween Brooch features your traditional black kitty playing around a big BOO!  But don’t let him scare you, he’s just having a little fun!  Decorated with various color crystals, this brooch looks great on a hat, coat, scarf, purse, or blouse, and will always lift the spirits!  Available at or


Are you one of those people who’s really into Halloween?  We even have ways to dress up your desk at work!  Our Dancing Skeletons Card Holder, is a totally unique way to express your love of the holiday fun in your place of work, without hanging those silly paper spiders from the wall.  Entertaining & light hearted, you may even want to keep them there all year round!  Available on and


Are you a “One Upper”?  Are you that person on your street that has to outdo themselves every year with new and crazy house decorations for your annual Halloween party and for the little ones that come asking for candy?  Well along with the typical pumpkins, and etc, we also have these spooky, yet somehow very pretty Spider Trinket Boxes featuring crystals, and a little space inside to hold candy, or trinkets in.  Also available in a very attractive blue and silver variety, these little crawlers will be the hit of your holiday decorations!

There you have it!  Just a few ideas available for every level of Halloween cheer and fun!  If you have any questions on our items, feel free to leave us a comment here on our blog!  We’re here to help you get ready to be Halloween fabulous!


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Back to School Fashion from Echomerx – Part III

It’s that time again!  Mothers everywhere rejoice, and kids everywhere have mixed feelings from terror to happiness, to the kind of feigned indifference that only teenagers can accomplish.  Wherever each kid is, there is one thing that is paramount to them whether they admit it or not, that is that they want to look fabulous when they do go back!  So, we here at Echomerx have pulled together this third in our series of ensembles to help everyone out!

22381Continuing with leggings we’ve got one of the more simple outfits we’ve pulled together.  Take our Southwestern Inspired Print Leggings in Black, White and Blue, add  our Tribal Royalty Necklace and Earrings set in Silver  (also available in gold) and that equals simple but fabulous!  Comfortable, versatile, and eye catching.  Sure to make you the unique one on campus this semester!  Both items available on for wholesale (resellers only), and on and for retail purchase.

And there they are!  A trilogy of great outfit combinations for looking your best going back to school! If you have any items you’d like to see paired up, let us know and I’m sure we’ll be up to the challenge!  Questions?  Compliments?  Comments?  Let us hear them!



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